Friday, August 19, 2016

The Coming Cyber War #15

Cyber Warfare:

The Chinese Info Warfare branch gets profiled.

A hacker group is claiming to have hacked the NSA's Equation Group and is offering to auction off the cyber weapons they discovered.

Snowden is speculating the leak of the cyber weapons is a threat by Russia against the US retaliating for the DNC hack.

There is a lot of panic at the NSA with the leak of the weapons.

Some unreleased Snowden documents confirm the reality of the NSA hack.

Cyber Surveillance:

The broad hacking powers of the British government are being challenged in a European court.

An unusually advanced malware has been detected and apparently has been resident for 5 years on numerous computers, even air gapped ones.

The Russians are being blamed by Pelosi for the DNC hack.

The hack was a lot worse than what people realize, too.  Even more data is being released.

The hacker got his twitter account reinstated.  It had been suspended.

Australia hacked TOR users' computers in the US.

Cyber Security:

A new malware has been devised to transmit data between air gapped using the sounds of their hard drives.

What are the threats to satellite operations?

NIST is seeking feedback on cryptography.

WADA is under attack by hackers.

Business groups are appealing China's new cyber security law.

Most people ignore 90% of cyber security warnings.

Russia claims to have developed a new, secure communications method that does NOT use satellites.

Cyber Crime:

Airlines are getting spoofed with fake boarding passes in their lounges.

Cisco has patched the ExtraBacon exploit.

Clinton Foundation hired a cyber security firm after the hack.

One cyber security expert turned the tables on some scammers and infected their computers with ransomware.

DDoSCoin is a cryptocurrency designed to reward someone for participating in DDoS attacks.

All of the Eddie Bauer stores in the US were infected by malware.

A fake login malware is spreading via google ads.

Hackers are aggressively attacking the Rio Olympics.

The Houston area hackers who were stealing Jeeps (30 of them!) using a computer were caught.

It should be called the Internet of Infected Things: ransomware for IOT thermostats has been discovered.

Kenya has acquitted accused hackers from China & Taiwan.

linkedin is under attack by bots stealing members' info.  

Nigerian scammers infected themselves with their own malware. 

Oracle's credit card readers have been infected.

The Russian hacker,  Roman Seleznev who is son of a member of the Russian Duma, is being prosecuted for cyber crimes.

Starwood Hotels had a malware breach in 20 US hotels.

Ukrainian nationalist hackers leaked personal info on journalists.

Serious or joking?  Julian Assange stated wikileaks is after Trump's tax returns.

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