Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Ukraine War Update: взять меня вниз к крымском городе, где девушки довольно

The strange case of the supposed terrorist attack on Crimea continued.

The tensions escalated.

Putin increased security in Crimea and moved combat troops to the Crimean 'border.'  

Russia immediately announced military exercises in Crimea.  This has been a cover for military actions in the past. 

Russia made threats if any of its soldiers are harmed and Ukraine flipped them the bird.

Poroshenko placed Ukraine's military on combat alert.  He also sought talks with Russia and the West.  Ukaine claimed Russia was getting ready to cause more trouble.

Medvedev threatened to break off diplomatic ties with Ukraine.

The Russians then called for calm.  The US called for calm.  Biden called on Ukraine to not escalate the situation.

Ukraine was the focus for German-Russian talks.

The Russians got a confession out of one of the supposed attackers they captured: they had planned to place bombs at the Simferopol airport and bus station.  The US stated there was no corroborating evidence the attack was real.  Ukraine demanded proof the so-called plot was real at the UN>

Russian troops received advanced SAM missiles.

Shyrokyne blew up again while the fighting along the contact line in the Donbas has been very active despite not being in the media. 

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