Thursday, August 18, 2016

Stealth Saga #52


 South Korea has set a timeline for developing a AESA radar for its indigenous fighter.

Indonesia has reiterated its interest in the KF-X fighter.


The USAF is not impressed with comparing the J-20 and F-35: calling them really different. 

Oh, Hollywood!  You so silly!  In the new movie coming out, The Arrival, Hollywood put Chinese fighters, including the J-20, on the USS Wasp.


Appearances of the PAK-FA in a video.

Also a nice picture of the PAK-FA.

Sixth Generation Fighters:

Russia claims to be working on UAV and manned versions of their supposed Sixth Generation Fighter. 


The costs for new weapon systems, such as the B-21, are likely to grow.


The B-2 (and other American bombers) made an unannounced deployment to Guam.


F-22s conducted anti IS missions.

An F-22 was grounded by a bee swarm (and an ex navy guy helped clean it up).

An F-22 had an emergency landing. 

F-16 pilots can now virtually dog fight F-22s in combat simulators.


Here's what an F-35 looks like through a thermal imager.

Tests on the F-35 ejection seat modifications will wrap up next month.

Pilots are testing a helmet fix for the F-35.

The USAF may not be able to afford buying F-35 fighters at a faster rate.

The F-35A test fired a AIM-9X.

F-35 pilots are happy with their plane.

The Pentagon granted Lockheed $1 billion to stem costs in F-35 manufacture.

Here's another article on the F-35B gun pod.

USMC pilots were happy with the performance of the F-35B at Red Flag.

The US Navy is completing ship board certification for the F-35C.

Britain has ordered the ASRAAM for its F-35s.

The F-35 team is out to impress Canadians at an air show.

Japan has released the first images of its first F-35.

Singapore, reportedly, will not be buying the F-35B for now.

Counter Stealth:

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