Friday, August 12, 2016

Terminator Times #17


Two global hawks were diverted to Japan due to bad weather in Guam.

The USAF is adding electronic warfare to its drone pilots' training.

The USMC has started testing UAVs for close air support and artillery calls.

The USMC has started training how to fight against drones and without having coms.

USMC infantry squads may each get a drone operator.

The USN Firescout radar protest has been shot down.

The US Navy is testing the RQ-20A in the Arabian Gulf.

Because an AI was able to defeat a fighter pilot, is this the future of air to air combat?

Hezbollah may have UCAVs.   Video above is reported to be of a UCAV attacking ground targets.

The British will be using Unmanned Warrior to evaluate ScanEagle replacements.

The Chinese are using an ASN-209 UAV for artillery spotting.

The Mexican Navy has started using a new drone.

Iraq wants counter drone tech.

Iraq also will be getting ScanEagle drones.

An Israeli Heron drone was on a test flight and crashed

Israeli Aeronautics is going to deliver its first Orbiter 1k drone on time.

Israeli Aeronautics' counter drone system is undergoing testing.

Russia's drone entered Israeli airspace by accident.  Israel concurs.

Russia plans on using UCAVs in the polar regions.

Spain will be joining the European MALE 2020 project.

Taiwan has unveiled a Reaper clone.

Black Sage Technologies is claiming to be using AI in its counter UAV systems.

Unmanned Ground Vehicles:

A recent exercise gave the US Army a test of different unmanned systems, but left the army feeling the UGVs were wanting still.

Unmanned Surface Vehicles (Robo Boats):

The Anaconda USV is progressing through development.

How pirates will adapt to the coming robotic cargo ships.

Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (Robo subs):

Submerged power transfer may correct one of the problems with robo sub operations.

3d Printing:

The first V-22 is flying with 3d printed parts.


Unmanned is the new normal for naval operations.

Drone or robo warfare ought to be pursued.

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