Friday, August 19, 2016

Terminator Times #18


DARPA is working on a anti drone defense system.

A US drone drike killed the head of Islamic state in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Micro UAVs play a big part in Britain's military plans for the future.

The USAF is buying another 30 Reaper drones.  

The Reaper has been modified to track ballistic missiles.

Lockheed plans on offering a U-2 for a laser weapon test.

The US Army is training for fighting against small drones.

The US Navy's MQ-25 tanker drone will NOT be stealthy.

Australia used its Heron UAV in an exercise.

The British Watchkeeper drone that crashed had already thought it had landed.

The British are buying a third Zephyr drone.

Israel's Elbit is placing its drones on small boats.

Japan wants to develop an indigenous surveillance drone and later a unmanned fighter.

Russia's Korsar drone will begin certification.


China wants to incorporate AI into its cruise missiles.


Was the 1980s comedy Short Circuit really a horror film?

Should the US unleash autonomous weapons?

Is it our ethics that prevent us?

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