Friday, August 05, 2016

The Coming Cyber War #14

Cyber War:

Five cyber security questions for the US presidential candidates. 

Russia has announced it found malware on computers of at least 20 different agencies.  Word is the NSA is retaliating for Russian hacking of the DNC, Clinton campaign and others..  Not sure how true it is. 

Is Russia a cyber superpower?

The US Navy is using its nuclear submarines are cyber weapon platforms and hacking other nations via those boats.

A DIA cyber officer profiles the global cyber combatants.

Cyber Security:

Wikileaks released an uncurated dump of the DNC information.  Included are audio files.   Even Snowden is questioning wth Wikileaks is doing.

The DNC hack has a lot of misinformation embedded in the real information. 

The FBI is looking into the DNC hack and the White House has stated partisanship has no place in cyber crime investigations. 

The Clinton Campaign was also hacked.  Clinton has stated it was Russia who was responsible.

 Trump called for Russia to hack the US to find Clinton's missing emails.  Then said he was being sarcastic.

Russia says the US is demonizing it because of election scandals, not because it is hacking.

However, Russia has the capability and motive for doing the deed. Cyber Security experts see merit in the idea Russia did the deed.

Microsoft has drafted a rewrite to the Wassenaar Agreement to try to save the cyber security trade.

Someone hacked two screens at a Vietnamese airport to display political messages.

Obama rolled out a color coded cyber threat warning system.

The auto industry also rolled out a cyber security best practices guide.

Cyber Crime:

A cyber security company has admitted in court to hacking its rival.  

A Malvertising campaign ran for an extended period.

Ransomware is now a $34 million per year industry.

The top Nigerian scammer has been reportedly arrested.

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