Friday, September 09, 2016

Robopocalypse Report #90

The US laws and regulations for commercial drones are now in effect.

The FAA expects as a result that 600k commercial drones will be in the air by year's end.
Domino's delivered its first pizzas by drone.

Google has partnered with Chipolte to test delivery of burritos via drone.

Russia has produced a drone with a 3d printed engine.

Drones are even coming for NERF wars.

Autonomous Airbus drones could be acting as taxis by 2027.

A drone fest took place in Paris.

There is a tree planting drone designed to help with reforestation.

KAYRYS is a 3d printed drone.

There is another selfie drone.  This one from Yuneec.

Drones are becoming a stalker tool.  Or at least to spy on potentially cheating SOs.

A drone was used to spot a whale cuddling its calf.

A 65 yo woman claims to have gone John Connor on a drone.

Drones are fine at airports so long as they are kept on a leash.

AT&T is planning on hooking drones up to its cellular network.

The law has not kept up with how police are using drones.

Many accidents with drones are actually technical glitches.

Mercedes unveiled a concept delivery van where the last mile delivery will take place by drone.

Drone racing in Chile!

Self Driving Cars:

How to end traffic jams.

Nutonomy has started its self driving car taxi service in Singapore.

Driverless cars are a big topic at  Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 2016 Annual Meeting in Washington, DC.

Michigan is set to approve bills allowing for completely driverless cars.

Civil Maps, a new startup, is working on producing maps far more accurate than GPS alone for self driving cars.

A Tesla owner that crashed won't sue, but the insurance company might.

Tesla might further restrict its Autopilot software for safety reasons.

Driverless taxis could be the big show off element of the 2020 Olympics like the bullet trains were before.

Japan is creating its own 3d maps for self driving cars.

 Audi is getting involved in the self driving car races.

Devbot is an example of a test bot for the self driving racers.

The next gen Mercedes might massage you while it parks itself.

Baidu will be testing its self driving cars in California.

Say hello to self driving tractors.

Google is opening a Waze based ride sharing service in San Francisco.  You can guess where that will be going.

Google doesn't know how self driving cars will make life or death decisions.  That's BS.  Since the manufacturer will be liable for something going wrong on a self driving car, then it will make the decision based on whatever will be the least expensive for the manufacturer to settle for.

Bringing emotional intelligence to self driving cars.

Delphi and Mobileye are planning on a turn key self driving car system by 2019.

Volvo and Autoliv are teaming up for self driving cars.

Watch a self driving Volvo truck negotiate an underground mine.

Self driving cars will have issues until our maps and routing software have improved.  Duh.

3d Printing:

Lockheed has filed a patent for a 3d printer producing diamonds.

3doodler has its next generation pen, the pro.

The world's largest 3d printed tool has set a record.

Look at the mini cabin created in Amsterdam through 3d printing.

Dubai's crown prince visited the 3d printed office building in the UAE.

In China, the 3d printing of houses has progressed.

A bicycle was 3d printed as a demo.

3d printing objects that remember their shape.

Why can't we 3d print functional organs now?

GE just spent $1.5 billion to acquire two 3d printing companies.


NASA is running a competition for its robot to repair a Mars base damaged by a storm.

Intel has unveiled a new robotics controller. 

This robo caterpillar is an example of soft robotics.

Here's a paper on the successful design, etc, of soft bots.

The octobot in action and written up!

SANBOT is a physical assistant for museums and more.

How to build a lionfish killing robot.

Lowe's hardware is testing robots to help with customer service.

Baby simulators might actually make girls more prone to teenage pregnancy rather than averting it.  The robopocalypse makes us reproduce?!

This bot is lousy at making sandwiches.

Teaching robots to swarm, but not too cautiously.


There is a new exoskeleton intended to allow you to experience touch in VR.


A young girl got a 3d printed prosthetic from the ... library?

Software Bots:

IBM Watson created its first movie trailer.

A software bot is using satellite data to ID impoverished areas.

Google's DeepMind AI is being used for head and neck cancer treatments.

How machine learning can be used for voice disorders.

How software bots can be used for breast cancer.

Microsoft bought Genee. 

No let's talk Alexa.  How does Alexa learn about you?  Alexa has added AI experts to its coder base. Alexa may launch in Britain this month. Alexa may show up on Lenovo's computers and on Amazon's tablets.  Lowe's is starting to use Alexa, too.  Alexa might start interrupting your conversations.

Siri is going to be controlling Aloft hotel rooms for its guests.

Baidu has open sourced its deep learning tools.

 Kawasaki is building AI bots into its motorcycles.

Facebook is almost ready to show off its AI.

Speech to text bots are getting much better.

Um.  Using AI to create the panopticon?!

A startup has 'weaponized' the strategy Peter Thiel used against gawker as a software bot.

An algorithm has been created to put messages in dance music.

A Spanish startup wants to create a software bot that can cover your local sports teams.

Disney has developed a speech recognition system for kids.

There was an AI judged beauty contest.  It had some ... controversial results.


Walmart is cutting 7,000 jobs due to automation implementation.

Has automation entered a new era?

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