Friday, September 02, 2016

The Coming Cyber War #16

Cyber Warfare: 

French submarine builder DCNS has been hacked and the plans and capabilities of the new diesel submarines for India have been released. Australia has become very worried about their award to DCNS for their own subs.  The French are calling the attack 'economic warfare.'  Or not.

Japan is setting up a cyber warfare institute.

The leaked NSA cyber weapons' code is mocked for its bugs, problems and bad coding.

The NSA is still sorting out the hacking.

A Polish think tank wants a cyber stance for NATO.

Somalia is a digital battle ground.
Cyber Security:

Cars connected to smart phones are vulnerable.

Cloud based virtual machines can be taken over very easily.

Democrats want an FBI probe of the supposed Russian hacks.  Assange claims more Hillary data is to come.

The Democratic National Committee created a cyber security panel...without any experts on the matter involved.

The FBI has indicated there have been two breaches of voter systems in the US detected.

Guccifer, the 44 yo Romanian who hacked Hillary, has been convicted.

Putin claims to not know who hacked the Democratic Party.

Researchers have developed a chip to look for hardware trojans within other chips.

The Russians are suspected for hacking attempts on the NY Times.  The FBI is investigating.

Wikileaks has become a hub for malware.

The relationship between Wikileaks and Russia is becoming...unsettling.

Cyber Crime:

British companies are selling spyware to authoritarian regimes.

Dropbox's hack was pretty profound.

Insiders seem to be the key for cyber criminals to attack telecoms and others.

The Kimpton hotels have been hacked.

There is malware in the Middle East that can hack any iPhone.

Another malware is infecting Macs via bittorrent.

There is a new ransomware that pretends to be a Windows update.

The Rex Linux Trojan is malware that is a bitcoin miner, DDoS client and ransomware all rolled into one.

The Russian son of a Duma member has been convicted.

SWIFT has disclosed more cyber thefts.

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