Friday, September 30, 2016

The Coming Cyberwar #18

Cyber Warfare:

This is the 21st century info warfare and where the 3rd offset strategy intersects with it.

The US Army is getting in on the hacking domain.

The NSA cyber weapons were compromised by the Russians through an operator error.

An hacker who was working for ISIS has been sentenced to 20 years in prison.

After the hacks by the Russians, the US must decide how to react.

Cyber Security:

Cisco is scrambling to patch another vulnerability in its firewalls.

Chinese researchers found a security problem in Tesla S, but Tesla patched it already.

Malware has starting checking to see if it is in a virtual machine.

Another malware masquerades as Street Fighter V updates.

Yahoo was hacked and 500 million users data has been exposed.  Phone companies whose users used Yahoo ought to be concerned.  That Yahoo waited two years to report the attack is being called unacceptable.  The party who hacked Yahoo is in dispute.

Cyber Espionage:

An autistic Briton who hacked the Pentagon and whatnot looking for proof of UFOs has been given clearance, finally, to be extradited to the US for prosecution.

How DID the FBI crack the San Bernardino terrorist's phone?  Some news organizations are suing to find out how.

The FBI is investigating another hack of the DNC.

Putin claims the hacks of the antidoping agency prove the ban of Russian athletes was unwarranted.

Russian hackers have been linked to attacks on German political parties and governments.

Russian hackers are being accused of attempting to disrupt the US elections.

The US is pretty sure Russia is shielding hackers who attacked the US.

Cyber Crime:

A college hacker compromised United Airlines.

An FBI agent busted folks using the Dark Web.

Hackers are spreading malware over the torrents.

A journalist was attacked by a massive DDOS attack and was kicked off the server farm where he was hosted.  Google rehosted the site.  The DDOS attack reached 1 TB per second and had over 150k hosts participating.

Michelle Obama's passport has been leaked online.

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