Friday, September 30, 2016

Scuffle in the South China Sea #67

A geographer claims China doesn't have much on stand on for the South China Sea dispute.

Some are saying the world needs to chill out over the Sino-Russian exercises in the South China Sea. 

Others are stating Chinese artificial islands are a bigger deal than advertised.  They have a strong antiship capability.

Some are advising a stronger stance against China in the South China Sea.

Indonesia may use American funding to build bases in the South China Sea.

US/Philippines military exercise will go forward.

Philippines President Duterte claims to want alliances with China and Russia.

The President of the Philippines has stated the exercises with the United States in the future will not be held.

Philippines DOD has shifted its procurements.

The US has stated its alliance with Philippines is iron clad.

Here are some recent developments in the South China Sea.

Taiwan wants Google to blur bases in the South China Sea.

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