Friday, September 02, 2016

Terminator Times #19


An American drone supposedly entered Iranian airspace. 

An American drone strike killed seven al Qaeda militants in Yemen.

The US Air Force Global Hawks are getting ground station upgrades.

The US Army is testing drones to detect chemical weapons.

The US Army is also assessing whether or not to add an anti UAV capability to its counter battery radar.

USMC wants a new shipboard expeditionary drone.

The US Missile Defense Agency is pressing ahead with a laser armed UAV.

Bell is offering the V-247 tilt rotor UAV for the USMC requirement.

Boeing's Phantom Eye drone is becoming a museum exhibit.

Kratos is coming out of the closet as a UCAV maker. 

Here is more about the Zephyr HALE UAVs bought by the Brits.

Canada is buying the Blackjack drone.

Germany has a headache: General Atomics is protesting the selection of the Heron over the Predator.

The Israeli Air Force will be selecting an existing drone for its training. 

Israel will be supplying Kazakhstan with UAVs.

Nigeria wants to replace its Chinese drones.

Russia is buying recon drones from Kalashnikov.   

Russia has set up a training group for UAVs for its armed forces.

Thales is operating a Hermes 900 UAV in Mali.

Ukraine's Hortlysia UAV may be operational by 2018.  However, Ukraine says 2017.

Unmanned Ground Vehicles:

The Iraqis want a UGCV.

Reamda is developing a single controller for multipl UGVs. 

In Syria, remotely operated guns are becoming increasingly common.

Unmanned Surface Vehicles:

The US Navy will be working on robo boats to hunt mines.

Software Bots:

How the US Army could incorporate AI.


Autonomous weapons are the big debate now.  

Wither interventions in the era of autonomous weapon capabilities?

The Pentagon is trying to work its way through the fears, concerns and dangers of autonomous weapons.  One general has stated there is no way the US will use 'terminators.'

The US Navy & USMC have been recommended to use more autonomous weapons.

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