Friday, September 02, 2016

Stealth Saga #53


The PAK-FA may end up sinking under the high costs.


Supposedly, China will have 36 J-20 fighters by 2018.

A J-20 was spotted at an airport in Tibet.

China is scrambling to improve its jet engines for its fighters.

Sixth Generation Fighter:

China has published white papers about how it views network centric air to air combat.

Japan wants to build an unmanned fighter alongside & after its 5th Gen F-3.

The USAF's Next Generation Air Dominance program (6th gen fighter) will improve stealth at frequencies not currently covered by modern technology.

Northrop won a contract for a demonstration of a beam director for lasers for fighter aircraft.

Chinese Stealth Bomber:

China just announced it is, in fact, pursuing a new strategic bomber.


fan made and definitely not terribly stealthy, but amusing all the same.


A new proposed law would require only mature technologies be used in major weapons acquisitions to reduce risk.  This may muck up the B-21 program.


F-22s were called to protect US Special Forces in Syria.

The Su-24s apparently did NOT detect the F-22s.


There are still significant concerns the F-35 will not achieve full combat capability by the end of 2018.

The top Pentagon weapons tester has doubts about the F-35A.

There are specific worries about the gun and newest Sidewinder missile.

F-35 tested a AIM-9X.  This was one of 25 tests this last month.  The block 3F software was part of the tests.

The USAF's 100th F-35 has been delivered to Luke AFB.

The USMC wants lasers for self defense on the F-35B.

The USS America will have the F-35B aboard shortly for testing.

The USMC will be deploying the F-35B to the Middle East next year.

The USMC is testing F-35B's integration with Naval Integrated Fire Control-Counter Air network.

Here is a first hand report on the F-35C tests aboard the USS Washington.

Canada will have to pay $313 million to exit the F-35 program.

Italy's first F-35 instructor has been certified.

Japan's first F-35 had its first flight.

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