Friday, September 16, 2016

Stealth Saga #54


China will promote the J-31 fighter at the Zhuhai airshow.


Russia claims they will be buying one PAK-FA squadron in 2017.

Russia's first prototype next gen jet engine is nearly ready.  Supposedly, the work will be done by October.

Chinese Bomber:

Here's another take (or two)on the Chinese bomber announcement.

6th Generation Fighters:

Europe is increasingly interested in more advanced weaponry.

Russia is working on a new laser armed plane.


13 F-22s were packed into a hangar due to an approaching hurricane.


F-35As shot down 110 aircraft in simulated engagements during a recent exercise.

Some claim the F-35 will never be fully combat ready.

The next contract for Lockheed is likely to be awarded for F-35 production.

The F-35B has completed operational tests for the USMC.

USMC F-35Bs are likely to guide long range missiles.  The F-35B successfully guided a naval missile (SM-6) to a target.

USMC F-35Bs will be flying off the deck of the Royal Navy's new carrier in 2021.

Boeing has protested Denmark's selection of the F-35A.

MBDA is developing a air to surface missile for the Brits' F-35s.

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