Wednesday, November 12, 2008

OpenLab Worthy Posts?

I have five posts that are eligible for OpenLab 2008. IDK if they are really worthy or not. They're just essays on paleo topics intended to put out some information about certain topics that I find interesting and are not covered as much as I think they ought to be. I find the idea of submitting my own posts distasteful simply because it feels too much ... dirty ... and overly self promotional, but on the other hand, the post that I think really deserved to be included in it - Stop Dreaming - is ineligible due to it being a 2007 post. So I am going to ask my readers, are the below posts worth submitting?

Once Upon the Permian: Gazes of Fear (gorgonopsids)
Once Upon the Permian: Beaked Bites of a Lost Lineage (dicynodonts)
The Ecology of the Carbon Age (carboniferous carbon cycling)
The Caste Ecology of the Age of Carbon (plant and ecological distributions, caste-like)
Gasping for Paleo Air (oxygen levels through the Phanerozoic, especially the Mesozoic)

So, thoughts? Any of the above? None of them?

Update: One more. Were the Basal Archosaurs Endothermic?


Anonymous said...

I think all of these would make excellent submissions, Will.

But if I were forced to narrow it down I'd pick The Ecology of the Carbon Age and The Caste Ecology of the Age of Carbon. These posts bring the old coal-forests to life: more alien than I'd previously imagined, yet more understandable than I'd previously realized.

Will Baird said...

I submitted them all. We'll see what if any of them survive the great cull.