Monday, November 03, 2008

Quick Note


We have had a wild time recently. I'll do some real posts shortly. One bit of news was that we went to the SF Symphony for the Day of the Dead celebrations and watched a really kewl concert. Avrora loved it. I have to say the Gambosa was fantastic. I have to say I am also a sucker for Copland. Still. There were other great pieces as well, but I'll have to remember to bring a program to do them justice.

More soon.


Anonymous said...

You piqued my interest in the Gamboa!


Will Baird said...

It was good. I'll get the program and bring it to work. I'm there agin trying to get some stuff caught up. It was really good, IMNSHO. The composer was there and the conductor stated that this was the first time this piece, if not anything by Gamboa, had been performed in the States.

I'll get more for you, Carlos.