Monday, May 26, 2014

Ukraine: Clash as Clash Can

Battles rage in the east.  Donetsk's airport was occupied by the Little Green Men and the Ukrainian army attacked.  Reports are the Ukrainians took the airport back.  The LGM were routed.  Based on what happened in Crimea, and the Soviet playbook which the LGM are going by, the rapid response by the Ukrainians is understood.

There has also been a battle at the Donetsk train station, which the LGM tried to seize.

There have been further battles since.  Most have been the slow grind into Slavyansk.

The LGM leaders of Lugansk and Donetsk seem to be having some sort of falling out.  How serious it is is hard to tell.  Ukrainians have a lack of filter between mouth and brain.

There is a troubling report there are 40 odd trucks full of gunmen at the Ukrainian Russian border on the Russian side.

Poroshenko has come out to state he will not be pushing to replace Yatsenyuk. Wisdom.  wow.

Timoshenko remarkably conceded the election with beating her breast.  I thought pigs had taken flight.

Yanukovich even claims he will respect the vote.  

if Putin actually does, then ole Satan better beware snowballs.

Supposedly there is a deal in place to have the Ukrainains pay $2 billion to Russia for gas and start negotiations.  If this is done, the gas will not be turned off on the 1st.  We shall see.

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