Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #40

The fallout from yesterday's shoot down continues.

The Russian Defense Ministry threatened Turkey over the shoot down.  However, today Russia has stated they will not be going to war with Turkey over the shoot down.

All Russian airstrikes will have a fighter escort from now on.  This could get messy and I half expect the Russians to test the Turkish airspace again just to 'prove a point.'

The Russians have placed a missile cruiser off the coast of Syria (and Turkey) with orders to shoot at anything looking hostile.  Vincenes moment, here we come.

The Russians denied they had the S-400 in Syria before, but are now deploying some to protect against those nefarious Turks.

The Russians are breaking off military contact with Turkey as well.

More thoughts on the implications of shootdown.

Here is a supposed sound clip of the F-16s warning the Su-24.

The Russians lost a helicopter that landed (supposedly damaged by small arms fire) while looking for the downed pilots (see above).  The Russians acknowledged one helicopter crewman was killed.

Here's a little more info.

The Russians have confirmed one pilot is dead.  They claim to have rescued the second pilot.

The Russians are pounding the rebels around the area where the Su-24 was shot down.  There have been 24 air strikes in the last 24 hours in the area.

Russia supposedly has ended its long range strikes using bombers.

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russell1200 said...

You would think more people would notice that the Russians regularly run their supply ships through the Bosporus. In fact they recently bought a Turkish ship to add to the supply fleet.