Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ukraine War Update: око за око, газ для власти, лягушка.

The fighting has further intensified.  11 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed or wounded in the last 48 hours.  Fighting remains mostly concentrated around Donetsk and Gorlovka, but stretches down to the Sea of Azov and sputters in the Lugansk Oblast.

Russia is threatening retaliation for the power cut off from Crimea.  Two of the economic threats Russia has trotted out would be a gas cut off and the other would be to cut off coal.  I'm unsure whether or not the coal cut off would be Russia would stop buying Ukrainian coal, stop allowing coal from the Donbass into the rest of Ukraine or stop selling Ukraine coal.  I think the first, but I've not seen a clearly worded story on which as yet.

I find it darkly amusing Putin says Turkey stabbed Russia in the back over the shootdown of the Su-24 Fencer.  Putin did a more thorough job on Ukraine and Ukraine was supposed to be Russia's brother.

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