Saturday, November 28, 2015

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #42

The Russians are, like they were in Ukraine, denying using ground forces in Syria, but really are.  Speigel has an article about German.  Run through Google Translate.

The Kurdish 'YPG' apparently has aligned itself with Russia.

The Russians did not, despite their claims to the contrary, give their flight plan for the downed Su-24 to the US.  The Russians have since pounded the Turkmen ever since the downing.  Russia is still maintaining it has the right to respond militarily to the downing of the Su-24.  Erdogan is going to attempt mend ties with Moscow while in Paris.  At the same time, he is warning Putin not to play with fire, given the reports of Turkish businessmen being detained, ending of tourism, etc.

The Russians are claiming an Iranian General supervised the operation to rescue the downed Russian pilot.

The Russians are going for propaganda points by claiming since the deployment of the S-400 missile system, the Americans and Turks have been too scared to conduct air strikes.

The Russians are stating they may begin using electronic jamming to protect their fighter escorted airstrikes.

Putin says Russia is fully mobilized to respond militarily to Turkey should Russian (Putin) so decide.

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