Sunday, November 29, 2015

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #43

The airstrikes in Raqqa by Russians.  Note the accuracy of the guided weapons.  Also note they seem to have hit the same parking lot twice.  The second time you can see some sort of damage from the first strike or remnants thereof based on discolorations.

Airstrikes by Russians in Ariha today killed at least 18 (possibly as high as 40) and wounded dozens.

Putin has placed economic sanctions on Turkey for the shoot down.  Restrictions have been placed on Russian firms operating in Turkey, Turkish companies in Russia, Turkish goods have been restricted and Turkish citizens may no longer work for Russian firms.

There are reports of Turkish students in Russia being taken from dorms.

The Russian athletes competing in Turkey have been placed under special protection.

Russia has breached Israeli airspace repeatedly, too.

The American led coalition says the Russian report that the S-400 stopped the airstrikes in Syria is nonsense.

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