Wednesday, July 06, 2016

A Russian Frigate Continued to Harass an American Carrier Battle Group

A Russian frigate again came dangerously close to U.S. ships tasked with striking ISIS targets in Syria from the Eastern Mediterranean – coming within 150 yards of the Dwight D. Eisenhower carrier strike group while the carrier was conducting flight operations on Thursday, USNI News has learned.

According to an early incident report obtained by USNI News, the Russian Navy frigate Yaroslav Mudry (FF-777) made several erratic movements and inconsistent radio transmissions to the guided-missile cruiser USS San Jacinto (CG-56) about 6:00 A.M. EST on Thursday.

“The actions of FF-777 were abnormal as they displayed maneuvers rarely seen by professional mariners at sea combined with an aggressive approach toward [San Jacinto],” read the assessment.

A Navy official contacted by USNI News confirmed a Russian frigate the interaction was, “unsafe and unprofessional.”

The report accused 4,400-ton Mudry of coming within 150 yards of the cruiser and quickly turning away in a manner described as “highly unprofessional” and as a “high-risk maneuver,” according to the report.

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