Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Adventures in West Marin

My family and I disappeared a good chunk of this weekend in West Marin. To be honest, that's probably my favorite part of the SF Bay Area. San Francisco can be fun. Work is nice. However, running off to an area that's so close and yet so quiet with so much open space really soothes my soul.

I guess that living in New Mexico for so long really impacted who I am. After living there for 17 years, you have so say, 'Well duh!' I had thought when I moved from NM five years ago that I wanted a really big change. I'd lived in the desert and in smaller cities or towns for so long that I thought I really wanted to move to the Bay Area and live it up. Well, that's worked out somewhat well. I've had good times ehre, but I hate to say it, but I am not so sure I am that comfortable with so many people crushed together so close. Escaping to West Marin has definitely helped with that.

So this weekend, I took my daughter on her first hike. She enjoyed it, but tired quickly. After all she's only just under one year old. My wife went horseback riding. Not seeing people and being in the forest for a while was very refreshing. I loved it. My wife loved tha horseback ride too.

Anyways, I am getting a little swamped here. Back to work.

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