Thursday, February 16, 2006

And no...

The current warming is not from a methane release. It seems the carbon isotopes are rather different between the different sources, anthropogenic and methane, and what's showing up in the oceans happens to be definitely anthropogenic in nature.

[edit: again, I am unsure as to the attribution of this. I believe it was either A. Winguth (Permian carbon cycle simulations) or C. Kelly: (PETM) at the CCSM Paleo Climate Working Group meeting.]

I did get a small chill when one climate scientist couldn't make the meeting because she was snowed in: the meeting is mainly hosted in U Wisconsin, Madison. Some of the other paleoclimate folk suggested that they think more of a 'hot house climate' for the next meeting. People chuckled. Anotehr scientist made the comment that in 50 years it won't be a problem. There were some laughs, but they were strained ones. Not disbelieving ones, but strained all the same.

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