Friday, February 17, 2006

Future Directions

They're organizing the followup. Deep Time sims are going to have their own workshop and breakout into time period interest groups.

They want to simplify the CCSM model setup. Interesting. They're having a war over this. The scientists think that you can't really do so. The software guys and managers are frustrated with the lack of use and ease to set up sims. It takes a year to set up a simulation as of now. That's fscking ridiculous.

Permian work is going to be emphasized.

Data sharing is not a solved problem either.

Y'know, these guys are really, really behind the loop on the software tools and such are. I think I see our way in. Time to write an email proposal to the muckety mucks here. I hear the cry of a wide area file system and a data management system crying out to be made.

Anyways...looks like this pretty much wound down.

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