Friday, February 17, 2006


[Edit: This was 10:00am: C. Poulson: Cretaceous climate]

Cretaceous was 32 - 36 C[1]. The arctic was ice free and warm. There are numerous advances that now make modeling this period a possibility and especially make realistic model reality check possible.

Why was it so warm? No one seems to understand it[2].

This is another proposal. They are going to use CCSM 3. The biogeochemical models are an important and fundamental change that makes this worth doing. Some changes to be done for the model is a dynamic vegation module and a hydrotypographic module. Three different runs are going to be done. Low, medium, and high greenhouse gas models.

Very lighweight discussion here. The presenter wants to do a workshop about the Cretaceous to see what needs to be done. This is virgin territory apparently.

1. Still a rather different world than ours.

2. Personal suspicion that is has to do with the shallow seas.

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