Thursday, February 16, 2006

Permian & LGM Mineral Aerosoles

[This was presented by: 3:00pm: (video from NCAR): N. Mahowald: Dust and sea salt simulations for LGM and Permian at the CCSM Paleo Climate Working Group meeting)

Permian precipitation is not on the equator. Makes sense actually with the fscking high temperatures there. There is a linear relationship, apparently, for the relationship between the precip and temperature for the Permian.

Ocean chemistry now. Nitrogen fixing apparently sucks for the Permian oceans. Iron deposition for modern times and into the future sucks. This presentation is a little wonky and all over the place.

Sea salt aerosole climate impacts are surprisingly linear for the researcher. Iron deposition in the Permian is unknown and considered important. Mineral aerosoles are not really considered in the CCSM model.

A researcher is thrashing the presenter right now. He's questioning a lot of the assumptions about the Permian. There's a lot of productivity of the semitropical in producing aerosols and he's questioning that. He's suggesting the eastern Panthalassic Ocean in the tropics is far more important.

damn. She just blew through the presentation and it was largely a visual one. shibbit.

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