Friday, May 30, 2008


There's something that I've not blogged about that has been making this week really, really hard for me. It's been sapping my energy, depressing me, and making me unable to sleep well at night. That is my family isn't here in the States right now.

Nononono. There's de nada that's wrong per se. It's just that Lyuda and Avrora are off visiting her family in Ukraine. Avrora is having a blast playing with her cousin (Vsevolod). 99% of the time they get along great and are thrilled to see each other in person. They run around screaming and laughing. They're scraped up big time. Vsevolod calls Avrora 'my Avrosha.' It's very cute!

However, when Lyuda left I had made a prediction: I wouldn't want to be Vsevolod if Avrora and he got into a tussle. Lyuda disagreed. Vsevolod's a boy and a couple months older, after all. Avrora's a bit tall (38 inches and RAPIDLY growing). IDK how tall my nephew is. Well, the predicted dust-up happened and my wife informed me I was correct. Avrora grabbed him, toppled him over, and when he wouldn't give up sat on him giving him a few whacks. He's completely overwhelmed. Hey, I didn't nickname Avrora 'Tank Girl' for nuthin, boyo.


Anyways, I really, really miss them. Ja, I'm a wimp. My family is the rock and center of my life.

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Zach said...

I'm actually the same way. My wife, who is a professor at Alaska Pacific University, leads a two-week excursion to some foreign land every January. I believe they're all going to Brazil this coming year. At any rate, during those two weeks, it's just me, the dog, the cat, and my geckos. All of my friends tell me that over the course of those 14 days, I degrade to the point of laying on the floor and responding to every question with "MEH."

Actually, funny story. I might have a chance to go to the Galapagos while Gina's in Brazil. How cool would THAT be? Problem is that you're not allowed to touch anything. If a land iguana is sitting on a rock, I can't run up and grab it. IT WOULD BE SO FRUSTRATING!

But yeah. Wouldn't that be awesome?