Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Buildings for the Lab

They are building two new buildings at the Lab, my employer, is going to build in the hills above UC Berkeley's campus. The City of Berkeley is making itself into its usual pleasant self and challenging everything even after they agree to things. I really love Berkeley. Not.

The first building is for the Helios Project. It's our lab's focus on biofuels.

The second one, the Computing Research and Theory Facility[1], is in large part to move us back up onto the Hill, but not exclusively so. It's also intended to house grad students from on campus and the Computational Research Division at the Lab.

What I am about to say is my opinion and strictly my opinion only. The Lab does not support this statement. It will only find out when one of the people I work with comes to check on my blog. In fact, I may get spanked for saying this. However, look closely at the building. Note the protruding bit above. Note the windows to the left and right. Note the windows below the protrusion. Now doesn't that look like a fugly architectural version of Kilroy?

1. With a most unfortunate acronym. You would think computer people would have chosen a different one...

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