Friday, May 23, 2008

On The Aether!

A Google Lunar X Prize Team


Tom said...

Wow. That's brave. Do you actually have to get it there yourselves? Do you have enough money?

Will Baird said...

We have a good chunk of the money so far: raising money is an on going aspect of the project. This is a multistep approach and we'll show more as things happen.

We actually have to get it to the Moon. we are going to be paying a company to lob it.

Wish us luck. ;)

Tom said...

Sounds great. I hope it works out and doesn't consume too much family time either. Do you still have your day job? I've given up on doing big projects in my spare time, which is why we're leaving my current job to go to school, but I know some people can do more than I can.

Suz said...

Ok. I've resisted being a smart ass as long as I can. I'm pretty sure it's not what you are going for, but every time I see your logo, it looks like the sun is showing his teeth!

Will Baird said...



It's a sail.

Tom said...

I always saw the sail before (and I thought it looked nice), but hearing the teeth comment just makes that perspective too vivid.

Will Baird said...

Still don't see it guys.

The sails is just in the wrong spot and wrong angle for teeth.


You're a dork as always.

Suz said...

Yes Will, I was pretty sure it's supposed to be a sail .

Regardless, I still can't get past how it looks like a cartoon grin on a cartoon sun. Sorry dude. And it appears that now that I've mentioned it, others can see my pov as well.

So :P