Monday, May 05, 2008

Small Delay

Sorry to play the tease. We're getting there. I've handed off the website to someone else to tinker with the code for the next few days. When he's done, the website will go up. Sorry for the delay.


Anonymous said...

No worries.

I should give you a cultural heads-up: Grand Theft Auto IV's internal radio station Vladivostok FM is turning out to be an underground sensation. It's all UA/RU/BY stuff -- Ruslana, the Xena-esque Eurovision winner hosts it, and the songs are some of the top-selling tracks from the game on Amazon. (#1 is Glukoza's Schweine, which sets back Russian-German relations about sixty years, and #3 is Seryoga's King Ring, which is basically Ivan Drago hip-hop.)


Will Baird said...


wow. I guess when I was forced to walk away from the gaming world - wife's insistence - I really cut off a large part of modern culture.

*glyph of amusement*

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is crossover. The sustained trend among non-core gamers over the last few years has been towards games which let you interact with interesting preexisting popular music -- a separate category from game music, which is generally dreadful.

The game is actually serving as a music aggregator, in the same way a cool movie soundtrack used to. What makes this iteration interesting -- besides the track selection -- is the streamlined method of acquiring the music. In effect, GTA 4 has turned itself into a virtual record company.

They're creating a demand, among a fairly diverse demographic of game players, and then they make it easy to fulfill it.

That the demand is for demented Russian language popular music, that's the cherry on top of the sundae.

Carlos (this may show up extra times)