Monday, January 27, 2014

Additive Manufacturing Revolution Update

Stratasys has a multicolor 3D printer allowing many hues and many colored pieces without assembly.

News from CES has XYZprinting's $499 3D printer and a nifty 3Doodler which allows you to sketch what you want and go straight to printing.

Dell is starting to resell MakerBot 3d Printers.

SOLS raises $1.75 million for 3d printing insoles for shoes: ones customized to your own foot.

DMG Mori has an impressive metal printer attached to a 5 axis head which uses a 2 kilowatt diode laser.

British Aerospace flies a Tornado fighter-bomber with 3d printed parts.

A Forbes article claims Taiwan government's heavy backing of 3d printing startups will bring it dominance.

Business Insider has an article on 3d printing as well, headlining with Victoria Secret's wings at the fashion show were 3d printed.  It also argues 3d printing will produce transition from a macro-manufactured supply chain to a micro-manufactured supply chain and argues a possibility for the future of programmable matter under the name of 4d printing.

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