Friday, January 24, 2014

Update on Ukraine's Euromaidan Revolution

Green is where the government of the region is either aligned with or taken over by the Euromaidan protestors.  The Yellow is where the government offices are under siege.  Grey is where little to no action is taking place.

The protestors rejected it.

Members of Putin's government have stated Russia will not intervene, but Putin himself has not commented.

A policeman has been reported shot and killed in another district than where the Maidan is.

TV news people are quitting.  They have stated they cannot stand and state nothing is happening on the news when that's patently not true.

So far, the police have been the only ones opposing the EuroMaidan and the 'Berkut' (Eagles) which are paramilitary forces for the interior ministry.  The army has stood aside.  So long as they do so, the Euromaidan stands a chance.

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