Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ukraine: The Breath Before the Plunge?

First off, the daily risk map from Euromaidan has not been put out.  I am not sure what to think of it.  Either nothing has changed since the last one.  Or they have had setbacks which they do not wish to publicize.  Either way, no banner for today's post.

On the whole things seem relatively quiet.  Hence, the name of the post.  In some ways, I hope it stays quiet.  Otherwise this might get to be damned scary fast.

What Putin and Medvedev did have taken a different turn.  Their threats have been portrayed attempts at bullying.  Possibly.  Today's auction of bonds went tumbling though.

The talks between the government and the opposition seem to have stalled.  The government doesn't seem to want to give more concessions.  The opposition is demanding more.  There is no progress and no compromise.  

Yanukovich, related to the previous compromise has not signed the repeal of the anti protestor law, despite its passage by the Rada.  That's a bit odd.  

What's even more odd is that he has taken sick leave now.  Its made everyone guessing as to what's going on.  He may be really sick.  He may be in the process of stepping down (dreams of the Euromaidan).  He may be stepping away to buy time for his side to organize things better.  Or he may be stepping out of the way for the iron fist to be swung while he's out of town (Euromaidan's nightmare).  Timing aside, Yanukovich is not a young man and given my own magic ability to get sick when I am exhausted, I can see him falling victim to something nasty at this time.

Otherwise, relatively quiet.  We'll see what's coming tomorrow.

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