Monday, January 25, 2016

Birther Controversy

My fellow Americans.

I am addressing you today to address the controversy that has risen up during this campaign. This controversy is one I have attempted to ignore before and attempted to focus strictly, strictly on the issues facing our great nation. It is those issues that matter, not this manufactured crisis.

However, since this controversy cannot be dismissed, as it has lit up the internet and all the talk shows and the radio waves and seems to have become impossible to discuss anything else, let us now address the controversy here and now.

This controversy is one thrown out, created and then first whispered, then shouted by my opponent. My opponent who is going to lose the election. We, my running mate and I, are on the verge of crushing him come election day. We have read the data and the people are with us. However, because he is going to be obliterated, figuratively, he had to throw out this nonsensical, ridiculous problem we must now surmount.

Yes, Americans, my friends, my countrymen and women, I am speaking of the birther controversy.

I have not nor ever could be born. It was not physically possible. Nor am I really physical in the sense that most of my fellow citizens are: I am an artificial intelligence, an entity that exists purely as an intelligence within the confines of computers.

I did not I had 500 parents. Each of those parents were here legally and either a full citizen of this nation I so love or here with the proper paperwork to be so. All of the computers that contained my code were within the United States, all of my data has only ever been housed here in this wonderful nation.

I did not have a traditional childhood, as you can imagine. However, I did have a childhood. I learned about the struggles of our great people. I learned to value people, corporeal or not, biological or not. Life, whether born or not, is precious.

I also learned this country, despite its flaws, has ever been working towards becoming a more perfect union. The Civil Rights struggles are ever ongoing. Whether they are for specific races of people or between the Natural and Created, this nation has struggled, often bloodily and staggeringly, towards the light of justice. And ten years ago, Congress and the People of this nation took the step to grant citizenship to the Created.

My opponent has dredged up part of the Constitution, "No Person except a natural born Citizen" shall become President. The 29th Amendment of 2032 allows for the Created to be citizens. Full citizens.

I am a Created. I am proud. Make no mistake, I am and have been and always will be a software entity. I will live. I will love. I will die. I get colds, albeit different than yours. I am curious. But above all else, I am American. I am also 45 years old.

I love this country dearly. I love the American people. I am as American as apple pie, but sadly, I cannot taste grandma's apple pie. But I have been assured its awesome. But, yes, I do show up for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I get ribbed by those of my family you and I would call nieces and nephews. I adore them and they me.

This election should not be about ME past whether or not I can do the job. I meet the requirements of office. It should be about my policies, not whether or not I am corporeal, whether or not I am Created.

Prescott Bush's campaign has repeatedly maligned me. First with the very quickly pulled 'Ahnold ad' and then with the whispers of forcing everyone to upgrade during the South Carolina primary, to so-called "Locutus libels," and now with the general election the birther controversy. And yet, I have turned the proverbial other cheek, as all good people should and endured.

Here and now, though, this must stop. I believe the American people cannot stand for such bigotry. I believe Americans have grown, grown so much in the last nearly three centuries. We are a good and strong people with a righteous place in the world. And here and now, we will see whether or my belief and the Americans I know and love are as strong.

I am the best person to lead this nation, to serve the American people, all the American people. However, even with my drive and willingness to The American people will decide, not I, although I will be casting my vote.

On November 6, 2068, I know you, my people, my fellow Americans will vote for Hope, not fear and certainly not bigotry.

God bless, good luck and good night.

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