Monday, January 25, 2016

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #62

The fighting in Syria has only continued.  I have not done an update in some time, but thought I might do so now.  Given Russia's economic hardships, you have to wonder how long Russia can support its campaign.  It's already cut back in a huge way its space and military procurement ambitions. 

OTOH,  in Soviet Russia, wars train for you.  Even Putin thinks so.

There is a rumor Turkey has shot down another Russia fighter.  Russia denies this.

Russian troops have been moved to an airstrip right next to the Turkish border though.  OTOH, the Russians claim they are not setting up another airbase. 

Russia also held snap drills in the Southern Military District, the one right near Turkey.

A rocket was fired into Turkey from Syria, injuring two. 

With Russian help, the Assadites recaptured the town of Salma.

There is a chance Hezbollah may come out of the Syrian Civil War even stronger.

Peace talks are supposed to take place between the parties involved in the Syrian Civil War sans IS/Daesh and Nusra this week.   From the sounds of things, with the rebels already getting ready to blame the Russians and Assad if they fail, their prospects look pretty bleak.  Its even bleaker because the rebels seem to have problems picking who will represent them.  Given how fractured they are, this ought not be a surprise.

Right before those peace talks, Russian airstrikes killed 29 civilians.

Interestingly, it appears the US is working with the Kurds to set up an airbase in Syria.  However, the US has stated it will not take possession of any military bases in Syria.  I wonder if this has to do with the UAE looking to sell its Mirage fighters...supposedly to the Kurds in Iraq.

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