Thursday, January 14, 2016

this can only end well

Gwen slammed the book shut. Her goblin eyes gleamed. She had been digging through the Master's Library for ages. Ever since she was a child, she wanted, she knew, she believed there had to be some bit of forbidden knowledge that would save her people from the coming apocalypse: the heroes always won the war and her people slinked away to breed anew and await the coming of the next Evil Overlord.
Her family was the Guardians of the Library. The evil overlord would arise and come looking for the Library...most of the time. They almost never seemed to actually spend the time reading what was in there.

Sure, sure they always went for the spell books, the magical weapons (but those were mostly in the armory, not the library), but almost never did they read the history books. The accounts of the Evil Overlords of Ages Past lay dusty on the shelves, only touched by the librarians themselves to make sure it was still intact.

When Gwen Silver Claws found this out, she vowed to read the books and be ready to advise the next overlord and preserve her people. The more she read, the more she became distressed. One account gave the Orcs solution on one world, but she still felt it ended badly. Magical seals were a really bad idea. For forces of the dark or forces of the light. Rings were really a bad idea. Toying with the heroes was also a really, really bad idea.

However, this tome...she stroked it carefully. Lovingly. Her claws touched and caressed the work. This tome would solve everything. She couldn't believe no one had taken the time to read the book. It was everything it the Great Lord of the Dark, nth iteration, ought to be using, ought to be doing. She could not see why they did not...but then, they never read the books in the Library. Evil was too impatient.

She stroked the tome. She knew what must be done.

Gwen Silver Claws rose from the table and tucked the unfortunate human sized volume under her arm as she went looking for her own armor.

SHE would be the next Evil Overlord and The Top 100 Things I'd Do If I Ever Became An Evil Overlord would be her bible.

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