Friday, January 29, 2016

Terminator Times #1

Terminator Times is a spin out of the Robopocalypse Reports.  The reason being the militaria related section was growing and would be a distraction from the main, original thrust of the Reports: the impact on our every day lives and economy of the coming Robopocalypse.   The Terminator Times will be focused on the military aspects of the Robopocalypse.

A notable exception will be any sort of stealthy UCAV drone: that will continue to be covered under the Stealth Saga series.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles:

The US special forces want their UAVs to be smaller.  

 The US Army is testing anti UAV weapons.
Israeli drone feeds have been hacked by the US and British. 

Singapore has been learning how to have manned and unmanned aircraft work together.
Turkey says the Kurds in the Syrian Civil War have American UAVs.

Iran flew a drone over American and French aircraft carriers...which is REALLY dangerous and unprofessional.

Bellingcat takes a look at whether or not Iran has a new drone.

 Unmanned Underwater Vehicles:

Russia is apparently trying to invest very heavily in drone subs (UUVs).  This we knew, based on their dirty bomb torpedo/UUV.  However, they want to make sure the world knows they're doing it now.

The US Navy will be sending its large robo submarine from San Diego to San Francisco autonomously this summer. 

The US Navy has successfully tested a common control software for UUVs.

Unmanned Surface Vehicles:

Textron's unmanned surface vehicles (aka robo boat) has entered production for use by the US Navy for mine sweeping.  It may get upgraded for mine hunting as well.


The US military is weighing the ethics of pairing lethal force with AI on autonomous weapons.

The Terminator/skynet scenario seems to be causing concern still.

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