Sunday, January 31, 2016

Stealth Saga #27

China (J-20 & J-31):

China is still struggling with developing advanced jet engines.


Foxtrot Alpha has more information on the Japanese stealth fighter technology demonstrator.

There is also more here and here.  And one more time, here.  Still one more.

Finally, the X-2 is preparing for its maiden flight in a couple weeks.

Long Range Strike Bomber:

Why does the US need the new bomber? Hint: only the B-2 can actually fight in a contested airspace and there's 20 of those.


Here are some photos of the Raptor at the Red Flag exercises.

Here are some gorgeous photos of Raptors being fueled over the Arabian Sea.

One Australian former wing commander wants the US to sell Australia new F-22s.  That's legally a nonstarter.


Sonic booms that caused some concern in New Jersey were caused by the F-35C.

The F-3 gets slammed by Bill Sweetman as very combat limited.

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