Friday, January 22, 2016

Dead Gods

So far. So far. So far into the future, humanity is a forgotten. Like the single seed that sprang forth a forest that divided and evolved and grew and shrank and shattered and reunited, humanity's children lived on and on.

They filled the universe. Spreading from the mother world, setting foot on alien worlds, walking beneath alien suns, daring to seek galaxies not their own and seeding the far corners of the universe.

Now, at the end of time, nearing the heat death of the universe, at a time so far removed from humanity the very last light in the universe was about to fade, to fade into a tepid cold wash of nothingness. And here, we descendants of humanity gathered. One last time. With the very last of us. With all of those who remained. To do one last great endeavor.

We gathered the last of Order in the great entropic chaos. We forced structure on the lepton and photon wash. We reached out with a godlike grasp and gripped the last blackhole, the last one not yet evaporated, not yet left even this amnesic universe.

And we forced it to do our bidding.

Our bidding would hasten the end of the universe, at least from our point of view. It would no longer be habitable, even for the great gods such as we. The culmination of humanity.

We wrestled with the great beast. Rent and tore at what had been the single largest and most dangerous nature force in the universe. The last survivor of its kind. And we were making it into a tool. We arrogant, powerful and endangered gods, we.

We rendered down the blackhole, this monstrous thing, to what we needed it to be. And then, we damned, we exalted, we gods, we fools, we unleashed our new creation. The blast was immense, it was powerful, there had never been anything like un the entire 1099 years of the universe.

It robbed the surrounding space of what energy it had. It sucked and stole from the very fabric of universe itself. It ground and raged against time. It compressed and distorted and shredded space in its very essence.

The last of us died. Died well. Died happy. For in our last moments, we created a new universe. A human universe. And we saw that it was good.

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