Friday, January 29, 2016

Worst Part was NOT the Dragon

The guy was obviously sozzled. Slammed. Drunk off his eddie murphed mount. He'd probably hit something too. That'd be the only way it'd explain his wild assed story.

"I had fought my way all the way in. Slaying the monsters right and left. 13 levels down the dungeon. Deep and damp. Dark and dreary. Where the hell's heart feared to beat because of terror. Where angels quaked and gods had second thoughts....can I get another one?"

Or he was delusional. I got him another beer.

"there, in the 13th, the deepest and most damned, I slew the demons, the devils and even diablo himself. Those diablo was not the final monster, the one I was supposed to slay to complete the quest, the final boss. Oh no...definitely not!"

He was starting to slur. I think I'll avoid buying another round for him. I'd better stop, too. I'd not had much, but it'd take time before I was safe to go home. I paid my tab. I wasn't so sure why I wassitting here listening to this guy.

"Nonono...there was a another monster. A dragon. primordial. that was the advertised boss. The one that had kicked everyone's ass. Torched them to the ground. eaten their corpses and destroyed their loot. hard core style. So many friends' ghosts had wept and wailed at their losses. t their defeats. At all the time spent fighting their way in and only to lose it all...all...all."

Perhaps I'd avoid buy the next round...

"I fought the dragon! I won!"

This guy had to be some sort of lame gamer. I'd actually spent money to hear his story and talk to someone who seemed interesting and...

"I saved the princess. Got the girl. became her knight. Lucky, awesome me! Go me! barely a scratch, buddy. huzzzzzzzzaaaaah!"

And he actually showed me a scar. Delusional. Or so something more there. probably not good and not legal. great. Just what I needed.

"In the end, the dragon wasn't the worst part. A dragon had nuthin on THE BOSS. The worst part was..."

And he pointed at the door.

And in swept a stunning woman, on cue. Livid. Beyond livid. And she came straight at my companion and I...


She was obviously yelling at my companion. Not a gamer then! Just scruffy. And one lucky guy with as hot as she was!

And then he mumbled, "No, the worst part was the Princess."

again, don't read too much into this.

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