Monday, January 11, 2016

So Long and Thanks for all the Flish

After 11 years of blogging, I've decided to vastly scale back my commitment to The Dragon's Tales.

There are a lot of events unfolding in my life and it would be best if I focused on those.  I'd planned on just doing original work on the blog back in August, but I restarted usual posting because I wanted something to help with the stress: something to hold onto during the grand torrent, the personal maelstrom.  Its no longer doing so and I have time commitments far beyond what I have time for.

The Dragon's Gaze will roll on and there will be some posts periodically here, but nowhere near what I was doing before. 

I'll be restricting The Dragon's Tales to original posts at this point.


davidmaas said...

thanks for your thoughts all these years!

Randy McDonald said...

Thank you, Will.

Chris Wolfe said...

Best wishes, hope things resolve in your favor.

I've never commented here before, but I have read your words and followed your links for the past few years. Thank you for the enormous amount of time and thought you've put out into the world.

Will Baird said...

Thank you, guys.

I suspect its going to take some time before everything is resolved. Some things take a fair amount of time. I suspect by the time the resolution takes place, the blogosphere will have contracted even more.

However, I'll try to get some original posts up in the mean time.

3de8af9a-85a1-11e4-b784-0b02f2c1f23a said...

As with the others, thank you for all the amazing analysis and news prompts! I hope all the goings in your life are great and leading to highly stimulating roads.