Monday, January 11, 2016

Robopocalypse Report #70


The Workhorse delivery drone system was tested by delivering a toy on January 7th.

Flying drones in doors to flip the bird to the FAA: this can only end well!

Michigan Tech has developed a net firing drone to hunt obnoxious drones with.

Apparently, the rules governing whether or not drones can be used in California state parks are not as clear as they ought to be.

Should first responders be using drones?

The Dutch police will be using drones starting this year.

Journalists may using drones.

Everybody worries terrorists might use drones against nuclear facilities and elsewhere.  Even in India.

There is a new hydrogen fuel cell has been developed to allow drones to fly for hours without recharging.

Self Driving Cars:

Renault-Nissan will have 10 self driving models available for purchase by 2020.

Nevada has awarded the first licenses for production self driving cars, rather than prototypes, to Mercedes.

Delphi is showing off its 'vehicle to everything' technology.

Tesla cars can now self park as well as semi self drive and its a possible, through some experiment code, to summon a Tesla from the garage.

Ford has tested self driving cars in the snow, a first.

US Transportation Secretary discusses regulations for self driving cars.

Are cities ready for self driving cars?

And will self driving cars be a financial drain on state and city coffers?

Samsung has built a self driving car track in South Korea.

Are self driving cars really safer than manually driven cars?


The robotic slaughterhouse is coming.

Robotics are revolutionizing short run manufacturing.

The Italians are making progress on developing their own robotics, now with an arm for their quadrapedal robots.

An Ithaca company is working on a house keeping robot.

SAM, the brick laying robot, gets profiled again.  And again.

Underwater robots provide new ways to study sharks.

Jinn is a 3d printed bot.

3d Printing

Polaroid (remember them?) has developed their own 3d printer.

A BBC reporter destroyed the "world's safest drone," but it was fixed through 3d printing. 

Software Bots:

A new AI algorithm can detect whether or not a picture is humorous.

Watson has struck several deals.

Companies are working to be able to ID people, rather than bots, when interacting online far, far more carefully than just a captcha.


Time, again, to talk about the Robopocalypse.

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