Saturday, January 30, 2016

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #64

Another Russian fighter bomber has violated Turkish airspace. This time is was an Su-34. Turkey summoned the Russian ambassador and threatened to down the next plane that crossed the border again. NATO even growled.

This whole week, Russia has been making accusations against the Turks via the Russian media. The Russian government has not been making any comment on the reports, but in Putin's Russia, there is no independent media. Amongst the accusations were that a Turkish citizen who is claimed to have shot the Russian pilot was in Istanbul and the terrorist that blew up the Metrojet is hiding in Turkey as well.

A Russian air raid appears to have killed 10 civilians.

Multiple sources from Europe are despairing about the Syrian conflict.  The Russians and Assadites are making progress against the rebels and some in Europe are saying the West has acquiesced to Assad winning. 

The Kurdish Democratic Union Party was excluded from the Syrian peace talks and have left.  Turkey had demanded this happen or they would walk.  Comments by the Russians don't give me hope for the talks in Geneva accomplishing much.  On the other hand, the opposition claims to want to make peace.  If the Assadites really are winning, I can see why.  But!  If they are winning, the rebels are not likely to get peace.

Egypt has still not made any arrests for the bombing of the Russian Metrojet.

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