Saturday, January 09, 2016

A Monsoon or Monsoon-like Paleoclimate During the Eocene Paleogene in East Asia

A new paleoclimate classification for deep time


Zhang et al


In deep time, climates are mainly classified by climatically sensitive deposits, paleontological evidences, and modeling. However, they only have limited applicability in deep time studies. Here, we propose a new paleoclimate classification based on the widely used Köppen climate classification. The proposed new classification is simple and quantitative, but bridges the gap between modern and deep time climate studies. The new classification is closely related to but differs from that of Köppen by changing some limits. A world map using the new classification shows the same patterns as the world map of the Köppen climate classification. Using the new classification, we are able to solve a long-standing problem about the climates of East Asia during the Eocene. We found that East Asia shared the same climate type (Ca: Subtropical) at all studied locations, supporting the hypothesis of monsoon or monsoon-like climate that prevailed there during the Eocene.

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