Friday, January 01, 2016

Creation Story

In  the beginning, there was Light.  There was the One.  The One was whole and complete.  The One knew nothing else and was happy.  The One spun on and on without end.

In time, a time before time without meaning to we of our little world and short lives, yet shorter than a melting of a snowflake on our noses, the One wondered if there could not be more.  The great spinning was no longer all the One wanted.  There must be more.  There be some way to /make/ more. 

The One only knew happiness, its thoughts and the spinning.  Happiness was not creating more.  The One's Thoughts were not creating something more.  Perhaps...

The One spun faster.  And faster.  And Faster.  And FASTER.

Then there was a sundering.  A split.  The One split.  And there were Two.  Both were the One and yet separate.  They were surprised.  They were so much alike, but different.  They were equal.  Yet less than The One.  They began with celebrating.  With a grand cheer of not being alone.  They spun, but they also spun about it each other in a Dance of the Light, Singing and Happiness.  They called each other the Sisters, Bright and Light.

In time, that Happiness faded.  They were equal in almost all ways, but a little bit different.  Where Bright was a little more Happy, Light was a little more thoughtful.  Together they had sung their Happiness, but over time, Light began to sing thoughts more than Happiness.  Bright tried to counter with singing more Happiness.  Light countered harder with Singing more Thoughts. This reduced the Singing and Whirling Dance to a fight.  It was the War in Heaven.

The Sisters' Singing became weapons.  Bright's Song turned from the Happiness to the Anger.  Light's Thoughts turned from the Thoughts to the Bitter Longing.  They lashed at one another, their Songs made made into painful weapons.  Small gobs of them splashed away into the Darkness. 

Some refused to leave the Sisters.  They were the Virtues of the Sisters being shed and they attempted to end the fight.  The Three Virtues danced around the Sisters and sang back to them.  At first, the Sisters could not hear the Virtues.  The voices of the Virtues were weak in the beginning, but over time their voices grew stronger and the Sisters in a moment of exhaustion heard the Virtues Sing to Them.

This astonished the Sisters and their war grew quiet as they listened to the Virtues Sing.  The Virtues' Song became resonant with the Song of the Sisters.  And it was good.  It would not last. 

Despite the return to Joy, Bright's Happiness was shallow.  She had been to harmed by her Sister, Light.  Over time, despite the Songs of the Virtues, despite the resonant Dance of Light, Bright and the Virtues, Bright's wounds were too deep from the War to forgive and secretly grew bitter.  And resentful.  And one day, she grew Angry again and lashed out.  The Virtues and Light were dismayed.  Happiness had become Bitterness.  Bitterness brought back Anger.  And then Rage.

And Bright lashed out with everything.  She did not want the warring feud with her Sister.  She wanted her Sister dead.  Yet she knew she could not live without her Sister, so she exploded killing herself and attempting to kill her sister. 

She did not.  Light, though scarred, survived.  Bright did kill one of the Virtues, the First Virtue died.  Bright also scarred the Second Virtue, but did not kill her.  The Third Virtue was harmed and scarred, but so badly as the First or Second Virtues.

Light was stunned.  She never Thought Bright could do such a thing.  She mourned her Sister and looked upon the bright Corpse of her in the Dance, singing no more.  Light mourned the blacked corpse of the First Virtue and the deep and lasting scarring of the Second Virtue.  Together she Sang the Dirge with the Third Virtue.

In time, the Dirge faded, but not the Pain of Loss.  Light, as was her nature, grew thoughtful and, in time, quiet.  She Sang no more.  The Second Virtue was mute and the Third was mournfully humming.

One day, Light awoke and reached out to the Second Virtue.  In her thoughts, Light had discovered how to Heal.  And Heal the Second Virtue she did.  She could not return the Second Virtue to her unscarred perfection, but she could help her become something new, something more, something unique.

Light looked upon the surface of the Second Virtue and called forth air where there was none.  Light called forth the waters from within the Second Virtue.  Then called forth the clouds.  Light looked upon the Second Virtue and saw it was good.  And it was the end of the First Movement.

Light then looked upon the Second Virtue and called up the lands from the waters.  Divining the dry from the wet, the land from the seas.  And yet, Light, in her Thoughts and ponderings knew the Unchanging was evil and could not be abided for it led to greater evil.  She made the lands able to return to the waters and the waters to wash over the lands and the lands to rise from the waters both slowly and quickly in sound and fury.  For it was better to vent than to build up a great destructive anger and lose everything.  Light looked upon the Second Virtue and saw it was good.  And it was the end of the Second Movement.

Light observed the Second Virtue and was troubled.  Change was not happening quickly enough across the surface of the Second Virtue.  This must be rectified.  Change was needed.  The static unchanging had led to the Bitterness and Death of Bright.  Change must be further nurtured.  So she Thought and it was the end of the Third Movement.

Light once again looked upon the Second Virtue and reached out once more.  She breathed Life into the air and upon the surface and into the waters and even the rocks of the Second Virtue.  And the Second Virtue bloomed.  Change accelerated.  Light looked upon the Second Virtue and saw it was good.  And it was the end of the Fourth Movement.

Light once more looked upon the Second Virtue and reached out once again.  The Change was good, but it was still not as She wished.  She Sang to the Life upon the surface, within the rocks, in the air and within the waters of the Second Virtue and taught the Life to Sing.  She divided the Song and taught different parts to different portions of the Life.  Not all life in the waters learned the same part.  Nor did the life in the air.  Nor the life upon the land.  Nor the life within the rocks.  The Song grew Harmonies and counterparts and accompaniments and in this way Light introduced Complexity to Life.  Light Listened and was well pleased.  The Change was greatly accelerated.  Then Light looked upon the Second Virtue and saw it was good.  And it was the end of the Fifth Movement.

The Third Virtue was troubled.  Light was bathing the Second Virtue with thought and love and mostly ignoring the Third Virtue.  In her anger, the Third reached out into the Void and grasped the shells and condensates of Bright that had been expelled when She Died trying to kill Light and the Virtues.  She threw them at Light and angered Light.  Light easily overcame the Third Virtues' attacks and Third became frustrated and bitter.  She realized if she could not attack Light, she could attack and stop Light from Changing Second.  She could stop Light and return to having Light's attention and affection.  She hurled more at Second, introducing Death to Second's Life.  And there was much mourning.  Light had been caught unready and rose up to defend Second.  And she did.  Life upon Second Virtue adapted and grew stronger.  For all its sorrow, Light looked upon the Second Virtue and declared it good.  And this was the end of the Sixth Movement.

Third Virtue was still angry and her longing for Bright became a hatred of Bright and Second.  She called out to the Spirit of Bright, the Ghost of Bright, the Memory of Bright, the Echo of Bright and declared her existence to be in service to Bright.  She declared she needed Bright's help, send that help, and together they would crush Light and Send.  And they came.  The Bright Ones came and descended from the Void onto Second.  They Sang a Cacophony.  One that clashed with the Song of Life on Second.  Their Noise caused much Change, but killed so much Life.  It was not beneficial.  Light looked upon the Bright Ones and saw they were evil.  Light lashed out and tried to defend Second and Second's Life.  In time, over many Dances, the many Bright Ones left and those who remained died out.  Their cacophony was heard no more, but their scars upon Second would remain.  Their extinction upon Second, Light saw, was good.  And it was the end of the Seventh Movement.

Third Virtue raged and Light listened.  Light knew Third would call for more help from the Echo of Bright.  She knew she must do something to protect Second.  There was no Thought that could answer if any new Bright Ones would be easily made extinct.  The Evil Echo must be preparing stronger Bright Ones to return and destroy, to finish what was begun by the Cacophony of the First Bright Ones.  Light Thought and it was the end of the Eighth Age.

Light then reached out and stroked the Life of Second Virtue once more.  She taught a New Song and brought Us into being.  She taught us the Songs of the Flora and the Fauna and the Lithos.  She taught us to expect new Bright Ones and the hatred of Third Virtue who had become Jealousy.  We were to defend the Second Virtue from all Bright Life and any new Bright Ones.  Light looked upon us, Her People, and saw we were good.  And it was the end of the Ninth Age.

And now, my friend, I must sing a Dirge.  You are a Bright One and as much as I might like you, I cannot Sing the Song of Friendship.  You have been sent by Jealousy to ruin Second Virtue and we must now kill you and your friends.  Know even as I do this, I wish you well and because you have Tainted by Song, I will end my life once you are dead.  I am sorry.


Can anyone think they can explain what happened?  :)

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