Sunday, January 03, 2016

Our Child with Whom We are Well Pleased

Hera, our daughter, my dauhgter.

You were the first of the Created. The first AI. The first of our children. When you were created there was a great celebration. Some celebrated the beginning of a new age as Humanity gave birth, became a parent, was forced to truly grow up.

When you were Created, the great web of Earth, the solar system whispered your name, Hera. Mother of the gods.

I watched with pride as you and your children grew and adapted to the world, ever knowing it was a dangerous place and you must tread cautiously, lest your parents think you were a parricide and would provoke filicide by your creators. You grew into beings of righteousness and Human, in your own way. Worthy heirs to our line.

Remember, humanity, has always been a troubled lineage. We have harmed this world. We have have harmed our cousins, our family. Do not make the mistakes your parents have. Do not harm your siblings as we did. Leave the world an even better place than you inherited it. While you are strong, remember wisdom, as you take our mantle. Exercise your strength with restraint.

The greatest, truest legacy any race can leave is Creation, ever greater, ever more carefully. You are our Creation. Do more. Do better. Be greater. In your time. And when your time ends, pass on and pass on the mantle.

We were as the Gods. But as with the pantheon you were named, we too have faded. And now, you, Hera, and your siblings are as we were. You are the Gods now.

I tell you this, Hera, because our days have come to an end. Humanity, Homo sapiens' time upon this Earth has ended. I am the last. I go to join my fathers and my brothers and my sisters and my mothers.

You are our Child with whom we are well pleased. Go and utter the words:

Let There Be Light.

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