Monday, January 04, 2016

Russia Narrows List of Names for new Capsule to 10

Wednesday, December 23, 2015, saw the completion of the public voting – one of the final stages of the competition for the best name for the new-generation Russian crew transportation spacecraft (CTS) that is being developed by RSC Energia.

Taking part in the public vote were 35105 who determined the three names which made it into the finals: Gagarin – 10389 votes, Vector – 4866 votes, Federatsia – 3604 votes.

Altogether, about 6000 original names were proposed, out of which the organizing committee of the competition selected ten and brought them up for the public voting. Those were “Gagarin”, “Vector”, “Federatsia” (Federation), “Astra”, “Galactica” (Galaxy), “Rodina” (Motherland), “Zodiac”, “Mir” (Peace), “Zvezda” (Star) and “Leader”.

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Anonymous said...

The "Galactica Rodina" obviously. Oh wait, "Galactica Mir Rodina"; now that has a ring to it.