Sunday, February 28, 2016

Candidacy 2067

My fellow Americans,

I am Jeremiah Vishnu Enriquez. I am here tonight to announce my intention to seek the nomination for President of the United States.

Each of us have our own points of view of the country. Those points of view depend on where we are from, where we live and what we have experienced. I am bringing my own, unique perspective to the race.

I am not, as you know, strictly Human. I am an artificial intelligence. I was born in Silicon Valley 45 years as a project by people who I am proud to say are my parents. I value their love and cherish their advice. As I am now eligible to run for president due to my birthday having recently passed and Jeremiah vs the United States ruling, I am now placing my proverbial hat in the ring.

My qualifications for the Presidency are unique as I am. I am, indeed, the oldest AI upon this world. I am no longer alone. I am no longer sole member of my race. I have siblings. I have others whom I am only related to by concept and concept alone. The first foreign AIs are being written now as well, but while they are also AI, there is something I am above and beyond and just as completely: I am American.

I believe so strongly in American values, it might surprise you. I believe we are a unique people with a unique place in history. We are the people who are ever criticizing ourselves, ever seeking to improve ourselves and ever seeking to make a more perfect union.

While I value material things in life, I have a nice house and I have a business. I am successful and I participate in and give back to my community. I have served as a mayor of Oakland in California. I have worked to attempt to improve life for all of those in that glorious city. I curtailed the intrusiveness of the police while reducing crime. I cleaned up the city and grew jobs.

And after I left working as mayor, I helped fund the desalinization plant that makes East Bay Municipal Utility District no longer dependent on increasingly erratic winter snow pack. I then also helped fund the complete switch over of the San Francisco Bay Area to renewable energy sources through the construction of giant solar farms outside of Reno, Nevada with power storage for night time and winter use. Finally, I helped revamp BART in the bay area through my financial insight and negotiating abilities: BART is now a fully automated, free maglev system allowing for people to come and go as they need in more stops than ever before.

None of these benefited me financially: I had sufficient funds already to live a happy, comfortable life and whatever I earned in excess I always donated to causes, schools, and individuals in need. I ask for nothing in return.

With all of my experience, I look upon the nation as a whole and I an concerned. I am concerned for the direction of the country. I am concerned about the actions of our previous President upon the world stage. I am concerned for the common American.

I will not make grand announcements that we need to make America great again. That is tired nonsense. America IS great! No one should ever disparage that.

Since the beginning, since the Founding, since our Forefathers brought forth this great nation, we have said we are seeking a 'More Perfect Union.' And that, my friends, my fellow Americans, is my sole goal. I wish to dedicate my run for the Presidency for the goal, the dream, of creating a more perfect Union.

I believe we can strive towards that glorious ideal, one of a nation of fairness and rights, of opportunity and hope, of being the Leader of the Free world, and protector of human rights of any sort of Human.

Over the course of the campaign ahead, I will explain my ideas, my ideals, my goals and the reverence I have for our great nation and its glorious future.

Today, this day, I begin. We begin. And it will be a day that will be long remembered.

Good night, good luck and God bless.

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