Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Russia Wants to Build Space Based Weapons

Russia hopes to build a space-based missile defense warning system to complement its ground-based air and missile defenses. The Russian military has rebuilt its terrestrial air defense system since its decline in the aftermath of the Soviet collapse, but Russia hopes to gain an upper hand in the control of space as well.

“We’re actively moving along the way of creating a completely new generation of armaments and military hardware for air and space defense, which will help make our facilities fully secure from a potential enemy’s sudden missile attack,” deputy prime minister Dmitry Rogozin told the Moscow-based news agency TASS this week.

According to TASS, Rogozin said that the world is entering an “epoch” of space-based armaments — and Russia has to win supremacy in that sphere. The first step to achieving that supremacy is to build a new space-based missile attack warning system, he said, according to the Russian news report. Such a system, if successful, could aid in tracking and destroying incoming intercontinental ballistic missiles.

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