Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Stealth Saga #32


The X-2 is conducting taxi tests and will have its first flight in March (paywall link).


The Russians are claiming a climb rate record for the PAK-FA.  They are also saying an export version of the PAK-FA will be ready in 2020.

For the moment, I will be keeping the PAK-FA here.  However, its becoming increasingly said the PAK-FA is a 4.5 or 4th++ generation fighter comparable to the Rafale rather than the F-22, even Jane's called it a 'FINO' (fifth-gen in name only).


Also the CBARS tanker seems to be back under review by OSD.  The US Navy is stating the CBARS effort will be leaner than the UCLASS one.

Sixth Generation Fighter:

 The Pentagon is dropping more hints about the 6th gen: more fuel capacity, longer range, more weapons, lasers and stealth.

Aviation Week warns (paywall) about defining the next fighter as a fighter.

Long Range Strike Bomber:

There is a campaign to kill off the needed nuclear bomber.


Here's an impressive flyby by the B-2 at an airshow.


The test deployment of the F-35A to Mountain Home AFB is to demo the ability to deploy to foreign bases.

FACO approaches for the first Japanese Fp35A.

Israel's Rafael is looking for opportunities to add its current sensors to or develop new ones for the F-35.

Canada will not be excluding the F-35 from its CF-18 fighter replacement competition.


The Chinese are claiming to be able to track the F-22 over the South China Sea.

Here's 'how to kill an F-35' but really how it might be possible to track stealthy aircraft.


Who invented stealth technology?  A 1984 patent dispute is in the appeals court stage.


Russia is cutting back its defense procurement budget by around 5%.  Others are casting doubt on the idea though.


Some idiot claims to have flown a drone into Area 51.

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